Mind-Body Fitness – Applying the Powerful Law of Attraction to Combat Aging Issues | Law Issues

Are you wondering how the law of attraction impacts mind-body fitness? Think back to the popular documentary called “The Secret.” The secret referred to in this documentary is that we are what we think about and like thoughts attract more like thoughts.If you attract positive thoughts, you can create healthy body conditions. You can achieve mind-body fitness quickly in a positive mind state. Strengthening the connection between your mind and your body starts with a positive state of mind.

Is This Your State Of Mind?
Suppose you are a baby boomer beginning to feel your age. You develop a habit of finding circumstances that make you feel bad about yourself. The mirror is your enemy. Getting up from the couch is a major effort. When you look down, you cannot see your feet. Every visit to the doctor uncovers a new medical condition to manage.Without a doubt, you are convinced that it IS tough to get old. It becomes a mantra and an excuse. You have created a negative state of mind-body fitness.A Possible Approach Using The Law of Attraction
First, you must understand that the following statement is a belief: “It Is Tough To Get Old.” It may be your perceived reality. It need NOT be the truth for you. It can be changed by YOU. Do not expect someone or something else to change it for you.

You can achieve mind-body fitness by directing your thoughts toward positive physical outcomes. Positive thought generates more positive thought. Picture a strong, healthy, disease-free state as often as possible.